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Getting Started



Getting Started


The program for S-Term is contained in the self-extracting executable or zip files available for download at here. Since the software is "Green Software", no installation is required. Simply run the self-extracting executable file or extract the zip file to your specified folder.

There is also an installation version provided. You may download and run this file, and simply following the instructions. It will automatically setup everything ok including shortcuts.

If you want to uninstall S-Term from your computer, simply delete the folder containing S-Term. If you are using the installation version, use the Uninstall to remove the software.

When the starting S-Term, the user will see the Session Manager dialog appear along with the main S-Term window (see this figure).

The user can choose a session interested in and click the CONNECT button. Or the user can close this dialog, and click the Quick Login command under the file menu. In the Quick Connect dialog, specify the hostname or IP address, and port information and click the connect button, a connection will be made.